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Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder


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    Ginkgo is a tree species that is native to China and is today planted worldwide. The Ginkgo tree is the last representative of the Ginkgoales, an otherwise extinct group of seed plants nowadays. The leaves of the ginkgo tree are harvested, dried and finally ground to a fine powder. Brewing for drink, 5-10g of powder, add boiled water, also can brew with gauze, same as making tea, 2wice a day, morning and evening, better effect with milk

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Ginkgo Biloba leaf is the king among all herbs in western countries. It is said that millions of people take ginkgo leaf every day
Ginkgo Leaf Powder has existed for thousands of years, one of the oldest existing plants in the world
The product can also be used for facial mask, handmade soap, and moisturizing
Effective Memory Enhancer; Enhances Cellular Metabolism.
Used for its positive effects as a powerful antioxidant